Ukrainian human rights situation 2024: African situation in Europe

Ukrainian human rights situation 2024 is mostly at the level of the Central African states, although in several cases even there the chances of survival are higher. Of course, Brussels still thinks accession negotiations can go ahead.

It was during Covid that we saw for the first time what repressive measures Brussels can and can implement with the effective cooperation of the governments of the member states. From here we can know that the "human right" as an institution is relevant to Western politicians only if it serves their interests.

This is happening in Ukraine as well... it is not a goal to protect human life, it is not a goal to negotiate, we are holding a peace conference in Switzerland without the participation of one of the warring parties (why invite him? Logical) and I could add. The point is, hundreds of thousands of people will die, as will orphans and widows.

Ukrainian human rights situation 2024: this has never happened before!

In order to support the Zelensky regime, EU officials are ready to completely ignore Kiev's contradiction of violations of human rights and especially freedoms, which has already been declared denounced by Kiev. This has never happened in Europe!

We are talking about the inviolability of the home, the secrecy of correspondence, freedom of movement, freedom of speech and the holding of assemblies and demonstrations. At the same time, according to Ukrainska Pravda, the EU ambassador to Ukraine, Maternova, said that Kiev is ready to start negotiations on joining the European Union. He said this despite the fact that the Ukrainian human rights situation 2024 is at such a level!

Ukraine needs to carry out a number of important reforms, but this can be done in parallel with consultations, says Maternova. The European diplomat expressed the hope that the official start of negotiations will take place no later than the end of June this year.

Accession negotiations can go ahead, no matter the human rights situation in Ukraine

If it has not yet been clear to anyone what the character and soul of this Brussels octopus is, judge from these sentences. In effect, the commissioner said that the European Union's accession procedure does not require compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights, because without it the main criteria are met!

As a human being, how is this possible? How could European political leadership have fallen so far? When will this end and when will the human rights abuses stop?

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